Secret Number 1:
You Have a Gift - That's Why You're Here

The roots of your desire. The Greeks had definite ideas about where desire come from - so much so they invented the very word. The word "desire" breaks down into two words:

1) "de" meaning "from" or "gift of", and
2) "sire", which means "king" or "father".

Together they mean "from the father" or "Gift from the King". That's how strongly the Greeks felt about the source of desire - they packed their belief right into it. That's how strong we feel about the source of yours.

If you feel excited about what you're reading, that's a huge clue: because desire is like the gift wrap around your gift - and that gift wants attention. It's like you're peeling that wrapping back just a little bit every time something scrapes up against it.

Want to know something else? Sometimes that wrapper's more like a Band-Aid, and pulling it back - even just a little - well that stings. And it stings because maybe you've only scratched the surface of your true talent and at some level you might be wondering if you're ever going to see how far you might have taken it. Some people get paralyzed at that thought.

But don't let that stop you - because I've got good news. If you find yourself fascinated by a drawing, or drawing in general, or a portrait artist's work, or you know there's something true in what you're reading here - that's a great sign. That means...

Your gift is still alive and well inside you

And like Sleeping Beauty, your gifts can be reawakened. Just like in the fairy tale you can wake your gift back up the same way Prince Charming wakes Sleeping Beauty from her deep sleep. One little kiss, one little show of attention, snaps her out of her slumber and back into life. And the same is true of your desire to draw.

So if you want to do something, get good at something, really dive into something, - like drawing and especially drawing caricatures - and you've been frustrated about how to get started, get excited! That means you're supposed to do it and we're here to help get you started.

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