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Read all the directions below (maybe print this page out) for a smooth and hassle-free download, (and think about signing up for the e-zines even if at this time it's not being produced :-)

I want to thank you again for your interest and enthusiasm. I commend you and admire you for taking a big step towards fulfilling your own desire to learn to draw, and drawing caricatures in particular - even if you've never drawn before! If you run into problems let me know.


Jeff Kasbohm

P. S. Date: 8 August 2011 - I recommend reading the simple directions first - and I also must tell you, the downloadable version is the exact same version as the CD version (at this time -- august 2011 -- not available).

Size: about 125 megabytes. Please let me know if you're having any trouble downloading. Click on this email link: help me Jeff!

Section 3: Downloading the e-Sourcebook


There are only 5 simple steps you need to follow for a successful download: read through them all first please.Note:. If you have a weak connection, click the link for "Get Right" a free (free for one time test :-) download monitoring software. In almost all cases this is no longer necessary. The link: click here.


Here it is: the link to download your e-Sourcebook:

Click here
if you have DSL, Cable, Broadband, or a download monitoring software
like GetRight or you know you can download large files without a problem....
just click here to download the entire 124 Megabyte e-sourcebook


When it's all downloaded

The exact size of the e-Sourcebook is 124 megabytes. That's pretty good sized: over 1500 illustrations and 700 html pages that print out at way over 1000 real pages.

When it's all downloaded, this icon will be sitting on your Desktop:

Ready to go!

Follow these instructions now to install and open your ebook:

Installation Instructions
Close all programs before starting installation (that's what Microsoft recommends)
Works on all Windows 9.x and 2000/NT, XP, Millenium, Wimdows 7+ systems

1) Click on the e-Sourcebook-2005a.ZIP file icon (should be right on your desktop - if that's
where you saved it to :-)

2) You’ll see several other options now in a new window. Double click on the
"setup" option - it’s mostly blue. (Note: 240 mb hard disc space required for
setup, you can autoplay by double clicking on the “HTMLVWR” file until
you can clear enough hard drive space for the full installation.)

3) You’ll now see the blue installer screen pop up.

4) Follow the prompts from there. It's that simple.

Happy Drawing!


Jeff Kasbohm

Any problems please email me at:
or call: (952) 544-0657

Double click on it and voila! - the book will open up instantly. You're ready to dive in to your first caricature lesson. Happy downloading!

1) Sign up for the Electronic Newsletters (e-zines - just in case we re-instate them)

Section (1) To assure you receive the electronic newsletters (when and if we restart them) "The Communiqué" , all you have to do is press this link:

Click and you'll be transported to our sister site for e-zine sign up

Please note again: (Today -- August 4th 2011, the e-zine is still in retirement)
...BUT you have access to all the previous e-zines (like 10 years worth), and you'll have access to the online book not just for one year, but forever! Yep, Forever. Keep your electronic receipt! (Print it out and keep it on your computer so you can email me to get back to the on-line version should you run into trouble down the road.)

(Electronic privacy note: We're very sensitive to the issues of electronic privacy. We do NOT make your name or email address available to anyone else! We're very strongly against bulk unsolicited email and would never send it to this or any other list.)

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