Secret number 4:
There are five and only five skills of
perception used in drawing

Drawing can be broken down into five skills, and none have to do with your ability to make marks on the paper - all have to do do with your ability to see the world. And this is the best news of all - because anybody can get good at these five skills!

What are these five skills?

1) the ability to see lines and edges;
2) the ability to see spaces and shapes;
3) the ability to see and interpret angles (as in perspective and proportion);
4) the ability to see light and shadow and the grades in-between
5) the "gestalt": seeing the whole picture the way you see this commonly used example (is it a vase or a face?):

.Vase or Face? "Feel" the switch going on in your brain? The feeling just before the "aha" that came after you saw the two faces magically change into a vase - or vice versa? That's the fifth skill of perception at work. And that's literally an experience of your right brain going diving into action - of your brain physically shifting it's perspective.

Researchers now watch different parts of the brain light up as blood flows to those parts of the brain being used for different functions - from thought to thought. The brain is that specialized. (*Click here If you'd like to read more about the five skills of drawing.)


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