Secret Number 2:
There's no big secret - anybody can learn to draw

  • First, you already have the skills. You have the manual dexterity - you can write, right? That's all the more manual skills you need to begin with; the other skill is physiologic. Within your very own brain you have at your disposal a much more mysterious and untapped universe of amazing skills. They're operating literally at a level beyond description. Specifically I'm talking about the brain's right hemisphere and it's awesome powers: underused and under appreciated - but that's about to change.

  • Second, drawing can be broken down into five learnable skills - again, none of which have anything to do with making marks on paper and all of which have to do with how you use your brain: your perceptive skills; all from learning to see.

  • Third, you already have a history as an artist. Yes, you were brimming with creativity and you were most likely drawing up a storm until you had one enigmatic, life changing series of events in your life that I'll show you in a second;

  • Fourth, by building on and applying all the same skills we very briefly referred to above, drawing the head and face can be broken down into smaller, manageable, easily learned and drawable parts;

  • Fifth, We've already touched on this one and that's your desire.

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