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The equipment we'll need

Roles around the patient

CPR / AED Protocol
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Page 3 - CPR for adults

Page 4 - chest

Page 5 - chest
and critical

Page 6 - head tilt
and chin lift

Page 7 - mouth to
mouth breathing

Page 8 - mouth to
mask breathing

Page 9 - mouth to
mask ventilation - compressions

Page 11 - patient

Page 12 - open airway

Page 13 - cycles of compressions and

Two Person CPR





CPR skills feeling a little dull? Sharpen up here.
Here's some decent, even excellent video's for review. You can get a great 25 minute rehash
of the entire process form one person CPR to a full ACLS Megacode. The longest any single
video lasts is about 8 minutes.


One Person CPR
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Two Person CPR and AED Demo:
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Usng the Pocket Mask
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Giving respirations during One Person
CPR using the Pocket Mask
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Bag Valve Mask use and respirations
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And here's a link showing excellent Bag Valve mask technique and respirtatory
- in the case of a patient with a pulse but is not breathing.


Why 30:2 compressions to breaths during CPR?
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Zoll Medical's AED Demo
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Cardiac Science AED Demo
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ACLS MegaCode (American Heart Association):
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Here's a slightly different delivery of One Person CPR with a helper that transitions
into Two Person CPR. (You'll read "10 ventilations per minute" at one point in the video
but that's the European recommendation. American Heart Association recommendation
works out to 6 - 8 respirations per minute. There's slight differences in how much shocking
power is used and flushing boluses but that aside, what's interesting about the video is
how smooth these two rescuers work together. All in all the European approach is nearly
identical to the AMAs. Some good music too :-)




American Heart Association
Baby Rescue - Choking
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Continuous Chest Compressions: the way it is now taught
for non-medical people. The instruction emphasizes compressions over any rescue
breathing until CPR / ACLS qualified providers arrive (video of Mayo training team):
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Here's an ACLS Megacode performed in Pakistan - see if you can't quiz yourself for
each step of the code (watch in particular chest compressions and breathing -- is there
anything you might do differently? Exactly the same?):.
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PALS Part 1
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PALS Part 2
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Click here for even more excellent YouTube Demos - a list of
approximately a dozen demos on relevant topics like fine and course a-fib, v-fib,
heart block, AED use, etc

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