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Jeff Kasbohm and Have Expanded Into Watercolor And Mixed Watermedia Paintings

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Yes, after all this time Jeff Kasbohm and have taken the plunge into a whole new medium -- and such a natural step it has turned out to be. Hint: learn to draw and you too will make the discovery about painting: all the same skills transfer in the most satisfying ways. As you'll see, caricature inspires a goodly chunk of the painting :-)

We make house calls

If you live in Minneapolis (or close by) and you're feeling pretty certain you'd like to buy a peice -- but you really want to see what it looks like in your home before you do, call me and I'll bring it over and you can see exacly what it'll look like.

All original and all for sale-- no prints at this time -- All the pictures you see below are originals. No prints or giclees are available at this time. (We're not that sophisticated. Yet.) Some of the paintings have been sold already. If you see one you like, inquire :-)

How to inquire? Click on the picture you like and all the information you need will pop up on the next screen - plus a larger version of the painting. Or you can always email me at

If the painting is sold I can always try and do a duplicate. It may not be exact, but it'll be pretty close. If you do request an original duplicate, and you don't like it, you're not obligated to buy it: I know it's not always possible to capture what it was in the original that appealed to you so much. Of course, if you do that a bunch of times I'll be sending the bad-ettiquette cops after you.

Watercolor Pricing - unmatted, unframed:

12" x 18" and 9" x 24"..........$174.95
18" x 24".............................$274.95
24" x 30".............................$327.95

These are rough guides. Yes, I haggle and give discounts for multiple purchases.

As of Winter 2008, we've been experimenting with acrylic paints on watercolor paper, canvas and illustration board -- what a blast to work with!

Acrylic Paintings
.................being deternined (10/02/06)

Where to get framed / matted - I'll be adding a separate page here shortly but I recommend two shops over others right now (cuz they've been good and fair with me, and
we've been doing our own framing with very satisfactory results - and it keeps the price down

Room For Art
On Excelsior avenue in St. Louis Park

The Great Frame Up of Uptown -
1407 W. Lake Street, Minneapolis


The Paintings - here's the newest acrylic paintings:


The Paintings - here's the latest watercolors:



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